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The Wheelhouse product is an intelligent pricing software that leverages more than 10 billion data points daily to help home listings earn 10—40% more revenue when using products like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and VRBO. While Wheelhouse works with mountains of data, it will never throw ‘information’ at you that you can’t understand. I worked alongside the product team to help simplify and humanize how the product works with illustrative storytelling.

This platform allows users to create custom suits in realtime and then connects the customer with a Knot Standard advisor to complete the look.

Caption text Knot Standard asked Fact & Fiction to create an interface for their new 3D rendering software they build.
Blending organic illustration with clean and crisp UI was a challenging but fun problem to solve. The illustrations created a lot of opportunitiy to bring life to product UI screenshots.” — - Jane Smitherson, Google.com